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About Me

My Background

I have been around cars my whole life. Growing up my dad was a mechanic and I used to enjoy watching him fix cars. Soon it became a passion to customize and enhance the performance of my own cars and eventually grew into something I enjoyed doing for other people!

Ford Mustang customization and performance upgrades.

My Favorite Cars

I have always loved Mustangs, the power and sound their engines produced always drew me in. Even with my love for Mustangs I enjoy working on any car!

Performance and Customization

Looking to turn heads and also further enjoy the car you're driving? Come check us out at our shop in El Cajon:

Location: 655 Front st

El Cajon, California


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Need something done?

Need a performance upgrade, a different look or car painted send us a message and we'll make sure your car becomes what you envisioned it to be!

Kustom Auto Reinvent Motorsports

655 Front Street, El Cajon, California 92020, United States

(619) 779-4489